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Komodo (Indonesia)

Komodo is a dream for big fish enthusiasts. Ready to dive with manta rays and strong currents? Learn more in my dive trip review!

North Ari Atoll (Maledives)

North Ari Atoll is sharks heaven. If you want to see reef sharks in more or less every dive, get inspired by my diving guide!

Marsa Alam (Egypt)

Lots of giant turtles are here guaranteed. Marsa Alam is my personal top location for diving in Egypt. Learn here why!


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Hello, I am Heiko! Diving is the most beautiful hobby in the world for me. But unfortunately, many people have yet to experience the incredible tranquility, infinity, and beauty of diving. On DivingVibes, I will bring you, whether beginner or expert, to the beautiful underwater world closer.

Heiko from DivingVibes during scuba diving

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